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Rakernis Inventarisasi SDALH Ekoregion Sulawesi


Rakernis Inventarisasi SDALH Ekoregion Sulawesi bertempat di Ruang Rapat Kantor Badan Perencanaan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Daerah Provinsi Gorontalo. Rapat ini bertujuan untuk membahas mekanisme, sinkronisasi dan integrasi data dan informasi SDALH yang akan digunakan dalam penyusunan D3TLH, RPPLH dan KLHS wilayah ekoregion.

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  1. adorain

    How to Add a Password To USB

    How to Make Your USB Flash Drive Defendable With A Password


    The tool is bundled with a free trial version (which does not allow you to transfer your data to/from other devices) or costs about $15. Information is available at the utility’s official website.

    Flash Money (website)

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    Flash Money (we

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  2. sylvgior


    Jan 19, 2017


    SlickRun 6.0.0 Final (for UBCD 4.0.5)

    SlickRun is a user-friendly piece of software designed to provide users with the possibility to launch applications and to open web pages easily.
    A simple command-line tool
    The application places a transparent command-line window on the program’s screen, providing users with the possibility to launch applications or web pages

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    Solitaire Solitaire is a simple yet addictive game that is suitable for both online and offline play. You can face off against your friends on Facebook or play in a browser-based setting. The closest online game similar to Solitaire, is Timescape Solitaire, but this is only available for Windows users.
    Unlike Solitaire where you shuffle cards one at a time, Solitaire One allows you to compare two hands at once. You can use multiple play modes in this unique game. There are four modes;

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  4. galiglo

    According to the user manual, click “Sync Check” to check whether the instrument you want to use for a track is available. If “Enable check” is set, a “Check and sync” operation will be performed as long as the block being played is not in preflight mode. Then click the drum block or the padblock or the keysoundblock to begin playing.

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    Free & Open-Source Surveillance Software

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    Sibyl42 – July 28, 2018:

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    SysInfoTools Excel to vCard Converter 2.0.5 is a software that is very useful to generate vCard files. The application is simple to use and it is rather easy to use to get started. It makes working with different types of Excel files quite easy. It is completely free. The application is available for both Windows and Mac. Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8; the latest version of Windows 10 are compatible with the application. Mac OSX and Safari etc

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  7. maricar

    DotVPN is a privately owned company located in the UK. The company has offered a wide range of VPN services since its inception in 2013. The company has been popular for its ease of use, free trial, and money-back guarantee. In May 2019, the company expanded its access to new countries in different continents in Europe.

    Access Connections – Base Platform

    DotVPN is a platform that will allow you to develop your own set of connections whether they are for

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  8. gaellar

    The Texas Instruments QCAD is a comprehensive CAD application which is incorporated with its services such as PCB layout and simulation within a single application.
    With its dedicated design tools it enables you to manage and modify your PCB design quickly and efficiently using powerful and user-friendly tools.

    M2LOGIC Chart Designer is a part of a complete CAD solution designed for a wide range of CAD applications.
    It allows you to visualize stator output data from any inverter controller or boost converter.

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  9. schorag

    OwnCloud is a lightweight and secure web based file storage service aiming to make files easily accessible and synchronize online via smartphones, tablets, and other devices. As it is based on using Amazon AWS for storage servers, the application integrates easily with the cloud and offers various public and private storage options.
    When creating an account with OwnCloud, you’re given a unique public- and private- URLs, with the latter being used to publish or share folders on the web. You can

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  10. shanwarl

    The application can provide administrators with details about the events that happen in the Oracle database, letting them check various status information for every TNS connection. Administrators can launch database jobs, check the security configuration or monitor various events, and more. Administrators can also optimize the database performance or control what users are doing when they use it.
    Users can also review various security policies, including ACLs, users, roles, and connections, and check the relevant information such as privileges.
    Users can

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    If you found this article useful, share and tell your friends! Thank you! :)Longtime Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Saturday reiterated his opposition to the westward face of the Red River where farmers have been raising cattle since the days of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. At a meeting in Fargo, North Dakota, Vilsack said there is no reason to keep that part of the state in its current form.

    North Dakota, along with Montana and South Dakota

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  12. elmfer

    . The application combines static data loading from RSS 2.0, AKA Really Simple Syndication (RSS), with powerful dynamic content from websites that hold the latest headlines in your browser’s favorites bar (added by date, title, domain name, and others).
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  13. peydonk

    It is very, very light in weight – just 5 kilobytes (1.4kB+/-).

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    Author: Salvador QuinteroNetBSD: ports


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    nfsGeometryCube (GL Screensaver). Are you familiar with abstract 3D objects that are often found in nature? Do they float in the air with the help of some strange force? Do they dance in the air created by a mysterious vortex?
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    Furthermore, the software is rather small, doesn’t require any additional hardware or software configurations and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

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    Free Image Cropper is a free software application developed by Reversal, available for download from You can run Free Image Cropper on Windows operating systems. Free Image Cropper has been downloaded from 143 website(s) and is currently hosted on

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    Wednesday, August 31, 2017

    Autodesk AutoCAD is a de facto standard on CAD/CAM. It’s a professional tool that lets you design, visualize and edit 2D and 3D objects of engineering.
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    Additionally, you can even open files and edit them in offline mode, which means that you can work with them using different Internet connections, which is a big plus.

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  19. maktait

    Randy Lissau is a freelance software developer. He comments on the latest development trends in InfoTrends, partly with purpose of informing the community about them. His primary topics are C#, C++,Visual Basic, C++/CLI, and web programming, as well as JSON and AJAX.

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    Randy Lissau

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    What is new in this release:

    Small improvements and bug fixes

    Developer’s description

    This is an apeditingtool with a wide set of features for APE files (APE, APE 95).

    APE Ripper is specially designed for working with audio tracks from Free-to-Hide/Hidden Tracks (APE format) as well as music from Apple’s iTunes music library (CUE format).

    The Ripper can convert files in English, Chinese
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  21. caidzaka



    ‘The only difference in democracy is the rights and responsibilities of the electorate’

    To mark International Democracy Day, Dignity called on all political parties in Spain to adopt a clear and firm position against recent judicial measures that have left people confused as to what their future holds


    This year, International Democracy Day will focus on calls for the protection of fundamental rights as one of its main themes. Human dignity, neutrality and the rule of law
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    Moreover, it provides convenience and transparency in the selection process, enabling the user to seamlessly get rid of redundancies. The free version enables you to transfer a maximum number of files at a given time, which is a decent limitation, but we think that the extra effort and cost will be worth a productive and organized back-end.

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    This is a powerful plugin as it includes the ART, ANCHOR, MOD, BKT, VERT, BLK, FREQ-MIDI, VSR, VGA, and OSR sections (all these sections are separated to be more convenient for the user). Although you need to be creative with this powerful tool, it’s difficult to put it into words, because you can reach the right amount of distortion to your own project.


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  24. furinikk

    For maximum portability, this includes the use of a tabular format and a browser-based interface, which increases user experience and allows for a quick analysis.
    Elecard Stream Analyzer
    StreamAnalyzer is a tool designed to help developers perform detailed syntax inspection of a video stream and calculate basic metrics related to a video sequence. This includes the use of a tabular format and the option to automatically save the result in JPG, GIF or PNG format.
    Elecard Buffer Analyzer
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    GBKDKL Program is in English.
    You can select which old or new layout is used when you program.
    Program is very simple, select the old or new layout from drop menu menu lft (if you do not know what Key configuration program is means select from menu menu or When you click on this Window )
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  27. tabpet

    Gender differences in the antisecretory and serum hormone response to dopamine agonists in hypertensive patients.
    In this study, we compared the antisecretory and effects of the therapeutic serum hormone concentrations of gender-mixed groups of hypertensive patients treated with dopamine (D2) receptor agonists tributyltin (TBT) or trihexyphenidyl (AH). All hypertensive patients were newly diagnosed and had never been treated with antihypertensive therapy.
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    Overall, AM Browser is a very good web browser. Within the framework of its features, the software offers good navigation. You should definitely check it out.
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  29. dimiowen

    These animations can be used in a variety of scenes as banners, backgrounds, or decorative elements, and can be integrated as a post production effect or full-blown visual enhancer.
    Because 3D Flag AE is a standalone application, working with it is very easy and intuitive. You can create and save projects, introduce animations, edit the flags and perform various operations. The user interfaces are clean, easy to understand and require little time to work with the application.
    The plugin includes a number of
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  30. reiche

    You can customize the appearance of your model.
    Colors and lights add life to the model.
    No file format limitations.
    Not optimized for your files.
    Counter-intuitive and cramped GUI.
    Users can only view a few files.
    Despite X Model Viewer’s lacking interface, it comes with a few example files so you can get a feel for its capabilities without loading your own documents.

    Tab Control is a free application
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  31. walfnimm

    Sage-X Photo Studio Supreme 2 has a useful Head Blur and Masking tool which is based on Photoshop techniques and allows you to make your own modifications.
    You can modify your image by simply clicking on the coloured interface in the Preview window and changing the sliders according to the results that you prefer.
    Software Name: Sage-X Photo Studio Supreme 2, File Size: 3.7 MB

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  32. wozfale

    Never Run Windows as Admin or As Non Admin
    Windows has a user interface bar called the Tasks-bar. It offers a set of tools, including Task Manager, Open File folder, Run command and Switch User. On the Tasks-bar click the Start option and you will open the Starting Menu. On this menu, click the context menu option as shown below; it may vary depending on your desktop and which version of Windows you are using. For example, as
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  33. olyeid

    [Body posture in patients with cervical spine injuries. A biomechanical study].
    Sedation before extended prone positioning for external immobilization improves patient compliance and permits earlier mobilization. However, it is not known whether this affects tissue pressure and affects the outcome of sedated positioning for external immobilization. We investigated the effects of sedation before prone positioning on tissue pressure in the cervical spine. Fifteen patients with cervical spine injuries were included in this study. All patients except two were trained
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    In this case, this plugin will be very useful. In future, I will update this plugin or some more to satisfy user’s request or need.
    Only use this plug-in if you like to hear and record the very first sound and listen to that middle sounds.

    FreedomFest ’98In the next months The RevolutionZ will come with 4 plugins which are to be presented during “Adventures on a Hilltop ” on July 5th, 1998 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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    This article presents the information. You have to be logged in with the developer of the coffee cup. Thank you for sharing.

    Notify me of new posts by email.


    CoffeeCup Simulator is a tool for educational purposes and is not associated with any application developer unless specified. All the files used in CoffeeCup Simulator are freely available for download at their respective authors’ website.

    Contents of the post do not represent an endorsement on
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  36. balval

    – Rename & Edit Marked Lines
    – Different Marked Line Styles
    – Split / Merge Lines and Frames
    – Export selected to different formats
    – Translate points of “smart” selections and marks
    – And many many more…
    The add-on especially shines when you implement hotkeys for the new commands, for example when you want to merge several lines into one, just press the Merge Lines hotkey and type \ in your default editor.

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  37. elisdeca

    Moreover, the program features user-friendly design and a few options to enable.

    PC Authorization Server

    This program works by helping users decide if they are allowed to access the internet through their computer (for instance, remotely accessing somebody’s personal computer or watching a video on demand over a friend’s system). Users are asked to enter their password and username whenever a website is requested to connect to.

    Product Features

    Check whether or not users on the computer are
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  38. wenjeny

    ■ Yahoo! Maps 3.2.1 (Updated: Dec 2011)
    ■ Internet
    ■ Firefox
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    ■ Internet Explorer
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    ■ Internet Explorer
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    If you need to enter passwords often, it can be tedious to repeat the same process every time and memorize a list of common passwords. Password Dump is a Windows program
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  39. hencar


    Here we assume the code is in a file called distmesh.m.
    Both in source and compiled version one can find separate files to describe the mesh geometry.
    An associated file distmesh1.m contains special functions to plot.

    Here, DistMesh is an extended version to generate tetrahedral meshes.
    It contains three new functions distTet, distTetDSF, and distTessellate.


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  40. vinsera

    Each preset of the decoder can be easily changed by configuring several filters. You don’t have to build them by hand.
    The primary presets determine what type of audio stream is being decoded. But for example you can also create ones for specific countries, use the presets of a DVD decoder or even enable audio track editing.
    The decoder has also many other features which are described in the documentation.
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  41. girtnard

    KZod is a small yet complete online dictionary for Windows, created by Justusz Rogalski. As far as internet interfaces go, KZod is surprisingly good. We encountered no major problems that would impair the usability of the program, and did not find any mistakes on the entire webpages we checked.
    The only complaint we have is that KZod got its interface 20+ years ago, and it might be quite hard to find. The UI is clean, but
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    Big Files Finder-7.

    The author

    Related Posts

    Fileman Pro | Windows Fileman Pro is a powerful file search and management software created by Mustek Systems Inc. The program is available in two types; the personal and the premium version, with the latter being the one that features QuickScan feature. The premium version also offers tools to quickly locate documents and files, create and manage lists of files and folders etc. Read more…
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    Radio Playscreen 4.0 Radio Playscreen 4.0 is a powerful radio station management tool with excellent features to customize and manage any radio station. You can add as many music and news stations as you like, and set daily, weekly and monthly radio sessions. You can also define playlists, set a preferred station for each player, monitor the traffic, automatically change stations when any player ends, modify the delay times and much, much more…

    AntivirusTools 2.
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    If you require more time to determine the type of damaged file or you want to perform additional actions on a selected object, use the center panel to perform these operations.
    The object panel enables you to view, modify and export objects, or to select the object to be recovered. You can use an object inside a layer or in the separate standalone image to save the complete layer as an other Photoshop file.
    The relations panel provides the ability to view the masters and
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    Request a Demo now!

    TSD Browser was designed specifically to use together with WtsFtp. It extracts and recreates properties, locates folders, removes unnecessary files, reassociates deleted files to folder and reparents deleted folders to the root. TSD Browser is extremely useful when WtsFtp doesn’t support the particular filetype.
    Imagine having to retype file names every time the WtsFtp server transferred them to the local computer, or worse,
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    How to download and use SBMAV Disk Cleaner?

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    Atom editor indent errors after updating

    In Atom with the Atom UI (V2.6.4) I’m having a weird issue with the editor.
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    JNGs are convenient because they can provide properties to describe the PNG-style chunked encoding schemes used to generate the image data, including line coverage information and ICC Profiles. This can be useful information when writing filters for non-DNG JPEG data.

    The plugin uses PNG-style chunked encoding on its own, therefore the dialog layout is identical to that of PNG (unless changed by JNG settings).

    Use the plugin dialog to save/load JNG files
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    You want to
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    Configure to monitor or delay for scheduled jobs
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    You use the ZL SLD to zoom

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    About MocsNet was founded in 2006 by Gary Rude, an associate at a large public accounting firm in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Josh Taylor, an insurance underwriter in the Nashville area. They began the site for alumni of the University of Memphis
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